Hornady Custom 376 Steyr 225 Grain InterLock SP 20


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When Joyce Hornady started Hornady Ammunition he was driven by a single powerful philosophy: “Ten bullets through one hole”. Since inception, Hornady has been an innovator and leader in the ammunition industry providing shooters with the ammunition they need no matter what the mission or task at hand. Hornady Ammunition is made of high quality components to exacting standards to meet the needs of shooters regardless of skill level or venue. If you are looking for some of the best defensive, competition, or hunting ammo available today Hornady is an excellent choice.
2600 fps Muzzle Velocity
2331 fps 100 Yard Velocity
2078 fps 200 Yard Velocity
3377 ft/lbs Muzzle Energy
2714 ft/lbs 100 Yard Energy
2157 ft/lbs 200 Yard Energy
Perfect for Hunting Applications
UPC: 090255382341
SKU: 8234


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