Hornady AMMO 5.56 NATO 62 GR FMJ BLK


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Ten bullets through one hole is the philosophy that brought Hornady Manufacturing from a two-man operation in 1949, to a world-leading innovator of bullet, ammunition, reloading tool, and accessory design and manufacture today. Hornady outperforms their competitors by ensuring the products they make are what the customers want right now, and then accurately predict and manufacture what they’ll want and need in the future.

Hornady BLACK ammunition is specifically optimized for maximum performance in America’s favorite modern sporting rifles. This load uses Hornady’s ultra-consistent FMJ bullet. The full metal jacket is designed with Hornady’s Advanced Manufacturing Process to deliver better shot to shot constancy. The AMP bullet jacket features virtually zero deformation or braking common with other manufacturer’s bullets. This round is not recommended for hunting. America’s gun runs on BLACK!

Features and Specifications:

Caliber: 5.56 NATO

Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket

Bullet Weight: 62 Grain

Rounds: 20

Ballistic coefficient G1 .274

Sectional density .177

Reloadable brass case

Test barrel 24″

Muzzle velocity 3060 fps

Velocity at 100 yards 2714 fps

Velocity at 200 yards 2394 fps

Velocity at 300 yards 2095 fps

Muzzle energy 1289 ft/lbs

Energy at 100 yards 1014 ft/lbs

Energy at 200 yards 789 ft/lbs

Energy at 300 yards 604 ft/lbs

Use for target, competition


SKU 81263

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