Barnes TSX 224 Valkyrie


  • Bullet Weight: 78
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Product Overview

We’ve brought back the immensely popular Barnes® Triple-Shock® X. This proven all-copper hollow point groups tightly at long range and delivers consistent, large-diameter expansion. The monolithic design retains nearly 100 percent of its weight on impact to penetrate deep, and its grooved shank minimizes barrel fouling and improves accuracy.

  • One-piece copper construction
  • Deep hollow-point tip
  • Grooved bullet shank improves accuracy
  • Almost 100 percent weight retention
  • Deep penetration and large, consistent expansion


Caliber 224 Valkyrie
Bullet Weight 78
Bullet Weight 78
Bullet Style Barnes Triple-Shock X Bullet (TSX)
Muzzle Velocity 2850
Ballistic Coefficient .383
Bullet Length In 1.142in. / 29.01mm
Package Quantity 20
Usage Medium Game


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