6.5 PRC Brass Nosler Custom Rifle


Caliber: 6.5mm PRC Brass Quantity: 50 Piece

Code: NER-RB1-NB192-17885

MPN: 17885

UPC: 054041178853


Buy 6.5 PRC Brass Nosler Custom Rifle 17885 Caliber: 6.5mm PRC

Buy Nosler 6.5 prc Brass is created to exact dimensional standards and tolerances, using quality materials for maximum accuracy and consistency potential while extending case life. Nosler Brass also undergoes the rigorous quality control that premium Nosler bullets have experienced for over 60 years.

Each piece of brass is completely prepped and ready to load. The case mouths have been chamfered and debured. The flash holes are debured and then checked for proper alignment. Each piece of brass is visually inspected at the factory and sealed in the box until you open them. Together, Nosler bullets and brass are the ingredients for the perfect load.

Specifications for Nosler Custom Rifle Brass 6.5 grendel ammo Remington:

Caliber: .223 Remington

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Weight 50 kg


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